BCAI-SOA: Hands That…Philosophy

We at BCAI-SOA, practice that Art is any activity that requires the imagination to reach the next level. Our purpose of Hands That is to create the opportunity for unique self-expression and confidence within our youth. Mentoring and molding their artistic abilities to analyze, interpret and evaluate their own decision regarding their peers by applying Emotional intelligence, Crucial Conversation & Change management!

BCAI-SOA: Hands That…Participation Selection

Hands that program will focus on school grade 1st-10th. Placing no limitation on the barriers of age, since our program will aesthetically challenge the mind and allow new creative perspectives to pour out. This program will be lead by the Arts Program Director Darrell Richards.


Participants must SHOW area of interest which will be indicated upon registration form.

BCAI-SOA: Hands That…Visual Mentorship Experience

Will apply contemporary and multicultural art with an in-depth, comprehensive approach to art. Each session focuses on a different element or principle of design, including: line, shape and form, balance, and movement.

This program will help students self-assess and monitor their growth in proficient, realistic drawing capabilities as they will learn and thrive from one another. Upon completion Participants will have a better understanding of creativity and artistic thinking, Tools for verbal and non-verbal communication, develop the capacity to make informed identification based on applying unique learning skills such as (Public Speaking, Emotional intelligence, Crucial Conversation & Change management)

BCAI-SOA: Hands That…Goal​

Goals learned after experiencing this program would be that of having a designated discipline of multicultural foundations applied throughout different media types. The desired outcome is set to ENHANCE the understanding and creativity of each participant along the aspect of mentoring and coaching their artistic ability and shaping their inventive thumbprint.

BCAI-SOA: Hands That…Framework Scheduling

Hands that program will focus on grade 1st-10th. 

Maximum of 20 creative individuals will be selected to engage in this artistic opportunity that will focus on the following core elements. Each session systemically elevating each student skill-set to the next tier of the program.