Time: 9a-3p

Address: Illinois Wesleyan Campus Bloomington IL 61071

Cost: $350/participant

$200- "sibling" discounted price

$200-intern staff tuition 

Ages: 7-10 and 11-14 with intern staff positions available for 14-18 yr olds

Summer Arts Exposure

#1 objective of SAE is that through vast sampling of traditional and nontraditional arts, we can awaken and strengthen innate interests and skills among participants. Art improves skills such as communication, problem-solving, accountability and characteristics such as empathy, creativity and honor.

Breaking Chains Advancing Increase School of Arts provides socially aware Arts Education and an expression platform to everyone regardless of income and background. Art by our definition is anything that requires the imagination to reach the next level. This, of course, makes Art limitless. 


We have a focus on purpose and individuality. Every individual has purpose. By consistently tapping into and using your individual imagination, purpose begins to awaken within. This causes increased ambition, confidence and vision, along with heightened awareness of surroundings and life skills.

Summer Arts Exposure was originally piloted in 2014 to provide high-quality, accessible programming during the summer for lower-income and single parent households. We continue to challenge the notion that high quality has to equal high financial cost.  With Summer Arts Exposure, participants receive 60 hours (3 weeks) of professional mentoring and training in dozens of disciplines for only $350.